One In Four Marketers Are Not Using A Cross-Screen Campaign

A survey of over 574 marketing professionals by digital advertising solutions provider Undertone, has shown that one in four marketers are not using a cross-screen advertising campaign. According to the survey, 84% of the marketers surveyed and 92% of agencies said they were considering using such a campaign.

Today’s consumers are using a variety of screens – and often using them simultaneously, whilst the number of mobile devices being bought each year continues to rise. Amongst the benefits of using a cross-screen campaign, according to those surveyed, are raising brand awareness and driving user activation. 59% of marketers and 68% of agencies responded that tracking audiences across multiple devices is their main concern. The survey also questioned respondents on responsive design; with four in five of those polled saying they would be interested in using it to channel cross-screen analytics after ‘being educated’ on its benefits. More than four in five (81%) of those surveyed said they measure cross-screen using click-through rates, with brand website actions at 38% and effectiveness surveys 29%.

Cameron Hulett, EMEA Executive Director at Undertone, said that even if you’re ahead of the curve, there’s a good chance you could still be playing catch-up.

“With the pace of fragmentation across multiple screens and devices increasing at an exponential rate, marketers and agencies must embrace cross-screen advertising simply to keep up,” Hulett said, adding: “And responsive design is core to reaching and engaging with today’s increasingly device agnostic consumer.”