Location: London, West End, Tottenham Court Road
Salary: £45-55k base plus 20% bonus, and great benefits.
Date Posted: 05 February 2015
Job Type: Permenant
Company: Mobile Ad Network
Contact: media@digital-find.com
Job Ref: MobM5

Job Description


Manage a team of 5 ad ops execs at a mobile ad network. This growing business will have you recruiting more to your team. They offer a suit of advertising solutions to clients and agencies for all their mobile marketing needs.


Mobile display campaigns are all programmatic, and the emphasis is on campaign delivery – analysis and optimisation.


This is a management role first and foremost, and it will be your task to get the best campaign results through your team!


For this role you will need to come for an ad operations environment, and have hands on experience managing others. Any experience of either mobile or programmatic campaigns is a huge plus.


This role offers a salary of £45-55k base plus 20% bonus, and great benefits.


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