Jobs in RTB, DSP, SSP


Just what do RTB, DSP and SSP mean? Below we have given a brief explanation of these digital advertising terms.



RTB stands for Real Time Bidding where a user is identified based on a cookie and a bid made for the ad impression in real time. If you win the bid you show an advert according to their behaviour or interests. Having RTB technology doesn’t mean you will get all the inventory, as some ad exchanges don’t allow for RTB.



DTB stands for Demand Side Platform. This is very similar to a bid management tool for PPC (Pay Per Click) however there are additional platforms and different strategies to enable display campaigns to work.



SSP stands for Supply Side Platform. From a buying perspective this is similar to an ad exchange. From a supplier side there are different technologies to get the best price for the inventory.


Skills and Experience:


The following skills and experience are usually required for jobs in RTB, DSP and SSP:


  • Online advertising and marketing experience
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Basic online programming and ad-server knowledge
  • Ability to build and maintain good customer relationships
  • Degree helpful

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